About Sociplex


We help brands and marketers connect in a more deep and meaningful way with audiences that matter most to them.

However, businesses often only have access to narrow slices of data about their customers or audiences, or the data they have looks only at what people say and not what they do.

That’s why Sociplex has developed technology to look at groups of people, from every angle and dimension, and delivers a way to get more insight into both their hearts (behavior, interests, beliefs) and minds (stated intentions) than you’ve ever had.

With a detailed understanding of your customers or audience, you will be better able to please them, move them, and build more profitable relationships. Everyone wins.


Help us grow in a competitive market.

We are a curious group of people who deliver valuable insights about groups of people to our clients.

If you’re a bright, talented person eager to help grow a company in a competitive market, value hard work, and thrive on collaboration, we’ll give you the tools to make an impact and colleagues who will make it fun along the way. We’ve got a great product, cool space, and a chance to do something interesting every day.

We can offer respect for your time and your talent, a healthy deposit into your checking account, flexible vacation, generous health and wellness benefits, and a collaborative environment stretching from the heart of Manhattan to il cuore di Milano.

Join the team that's bringing market research into the 21st century and beyond.