9 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2021

9 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2021

Email marketing is one of our favourite types of copy and so we have seen a lot of good emails and not-so-great emails.

Here are the 9 common email marketing mistakes that we do.

1.  Not Having a Welcome Email Sequence

When somebody signs up for your email list that is your best chance, you have their attention.

It’s your best chance to really tell them why you are there, why they should stay on your email list and pay attention to your emails.

Usually the first email people get that has usually around 50% open rate so don’t miss out on that incredible opportunity.

A great way to get people your email list is to have a really valuable piece of content like an opt-in to get them interested and to continue hearing from you.

Your welcome email sequence should be at least a few emails long spread out between three days to a week.



It really depends but definitely have at least three emails set up in your welcome email sequence or you are missing out on precious precious attention.

2. Not Segmenting Your Email List

Email platforms have an insane amount of tools to help you get the most out of your email list.

Segmenting a list means basically adding tags, organizing people based on interests on their activity and things that they do.

So as they sign up or purchase something using like a 10% off code add a tag or you keep  track of people who purchase from you at different frequencies.

And then when you are creating new offers in the future try and target people who you think would actually be interested in it.

People are different and giving you their email address is actually a really big sign like giving faith and having faith in you so use it wisely.

Do not just blast your email list, take the time to segment your list and to kind of target your emails to the appropriate audience.

3. Not Having a CTA or a Call To Action

Your emails should have a call to action tell them what you want them to do.

You know it might even be not even making a purchase right away.

It could be responding to you, it could be engaging with you.

It could be showing them like your social media so you get them on board with some of your platforms but it could also be a sale.

Whatever it is make sure that you have clear intentions with each email and your audience knows exactly what those intentions are.

4. Sending Too Few Emails

If you aren’t emailing them regularly.

When you do email them they’re gonna be like “who the heck is this person I have no idea what this person who this is what they want for me “, unsubscribe.

Don’t email them like once a month or even less you know if that is not a good idea.

5. Sending Too Many Emails

Emailing every day is probably not a great idea unless you are launching something or you’re really trying to familiarize them with something that they signed up for.

A good guideline once a week is ideal.

Some people say more than that every three days test it a little bit and see what happens to your open rates.

If you kind of switch up how often you send to them but don’t be afraid to email them somewhat regularly.

They gave you their email address they want to hear from you so keep that in mind.

6. Using Clickbait Subject Lines

Number six is use of  clickbait subject lines that are just so obnoxious that run the risk of really irritating them.

When I get a clickbait headline that’s like “hey you missed my call or are you or is everything okay” and I think that “oh my god” maybe this is like a friend or something.

I open it and I see it’s a marketing email.

I’m thoroughly annoyed and usually unsubscribe.

7. Using Too Many Emojis Or Caps

The next one is using too many emojis or caps.

We’ve all seen this as well; don’t use emojis in every subject line.



It’s obnoxious don’t use caps, or emojis.

That doesn’t mean you cannot use them sometimes but use them sparingly.

8. Finding The Balance Between Being Personal and Being Too Personal

Number eight is finding the balance between being personal and then being too personal.

Sometimes we get emails from people and they are far too personal.

So find a middle ground you know be a little more personal.

Especially if you are a company let them get to know you and your voice and your tone give them a few laughs and deliver some valuable content.

They should be like “I want to open these emails because I get awesome stuff when I open these emails”.

That will make your audience love you and want to continue to hear from you

9. Not Complying With Laws

The last thing is not complying with laws like.

Do not add people to your email list unless they have opted-in.

It is the law and it is super annoying and it creates distrust in your audience so please don’t add people to your email list.

Make sure they opt-in and actually want to hear from you.

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