How Text Message Marketing Works for Businesses and Organizations

How Text Message Marketing Works for Businesses and Organizations





Every type of business has a way to use text message marketing to either better inform their audience or to drive more sales.

You send like 2,000 or 10,000 SMS messages to people in a certain location, so you can promote your services or get traffic or whatever like SMS marketing where we send SMS.

The open rate on email, if 20% you are doing pretty well which is a rare case.

However, with text message marketing, 97% of people open it within 1 to 15 minutes which is great in a way.

It’s essentially real-time visibility in front of your loyal followers and customers.

let’s take some examples…

#Example 1

For an ecommerce store a good text message marketing campaign might be something like an instant coupon.

Maybe somebody is on your ecommerce store, and they’re on the check-out page and you have a lot of abandoned carts and what not and you want to try to kind of reduce that, and so you put a call to action there.



This helps them move forward through the buying process.

It also opts them into your list so that you have them opted-in to send information later and they get that checkout code.

#Example 2

If you have a business that’s news related or update related like that, that can be super effective.

And even businesses like roofers, you would think roofers, when would they possibly need text message marketing.

You do your roof once every 25 years.

Well, there can be great use cases like asking for reviews.

Review platforms often block people if they’re on the same IP, so you can’t just give people the same iPad or anything.

You really need them to do it on their device, so having them opt-in to leave a review through their own phone could be an effective thing to do.

But now you have this huge list of people in your SMS marketing campaign that you basically never text, right? you never text them.

But all the sudden it hails in your area.

Now instead of going door-to-door with flyers or sending an email that 20% of people might see, you send a text message and all 97 % see it real time.

#Example 3

A restaurant’s another great example.

It’s a slow day on Tuesday at lunch.

Instead of just sitting there with a slow day and just dealing with it.

You can send a text message out to your loyal followers of your restaurant, loyal customers of the restaurant that there’s $10 off an appetizer or $10 off your meal or any such offer.

If they come in for lunch today, now what you’re going to see is everybody in the area that sees that message is going to come and eat there.

This is a huge way to get great business and SMS is perfect for that.

So at the end of the month when the clock is running down and you’re behind on your sales goal, you can send that text message out and reach the goal.

So really think about what type of content you can send to your loyal followers and customers to drive more sales and to add more value so that they’re motivated to stay opted-in to your list and you get more sales.



We have an SMS tool that’s very easy for businesses and organizations to use, so you need to find that.

When you set up your account on SOCIPLEX, make sure that you set it up so that you can segment your lists and more. It also has a feature to schedule an automated message.

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