SMS Marketing For Ecommerce

SMS Marketing For Ecommerce



Text message marketing is a great way to get instant traffic and sales to your eCommerce store.

The question is, how do you best take advantage of it?

Well, let’s discuss 9 tips on how you can do that.

1. Find A Good Text Message Marketing Software

Obviously, you can’t do text message marketing without a tool, so that’s what you need.

So look for something that’s easy to use.

That’s gonna allow your eCommerce store to easily get your customers to opt-in, via their phone, and put them into automated journeys.

It allows you to send one-off text messages to your followers, maybe you can  schedule different text messages on certain holidays, maybe on people’s birthdays, there’s a lot of functionality in a good SMS marketing software.

So take a look for that.

We would recommend SOCIPLEX obviously so if you’re looking for a tool, and you don’t have one, check out SOCIPLEX.

Because it is some really user friendly, easy to use, text message marketing tools and features that we think you’ll love.

2. Understand The Difference Between Text Message Marketing And Email Marketing

First off make sure that you understand the difference between text message marketing and email marketing.

A lot of times we hear an eCommerce store owner saying things like, “well, I don’t really need to do text message marketing, “I’m already using email marketing.”

Well, not so much the case, right?

We all know text message marketing is absolutely and definitely different from email marketing.

So let’s talk about some of the differences.

Email Marketing is great, and you should continue to use it, but it’s something that isn’t as real time.

You’re gonna send a bunch of emails, some people will open it right now, other people will open it tomorrow, and unfortunately, a lot of people will never open it at all.

In fact, open rates are generally 20% or less.

And so essentially, 80% of the people that you’re emailing are never even looking at your stuff, right?

And so with text message marketing, the beauty of that is everybody sees it.

We mean, think about yourself, when you get a text, do you never look at it?

Probably not, you look at it every time.

And so text message marketing is something that everybody sees, so it’s almost like a 100% view rate, and also they see it in real time.

There isn’t this dynamic like email, where it takes like a day before they check their email, you’re seeing your text messages right now, right?

And so text messaging is real-time, everybody sees it.

So make sure that you’re only texting high-value content, stuff that’s like VIP deals, really great coupons, really important news information, stuff that’s behind the scenes, valuable stuff, and you don’t do it that often.

Obviously they can opt-out by texting backstop, normally, and if you’re blowing them up, they’re gonna be opting-out, just as fast as they’re opting-in, and you’re not going to have list growth.

If you want your list to grow over time, make sure that you’re sending only valuable content that people really want, otherwise they might opt-out.

3. Build Your Subscribers List

Before you can send text messages, you need subscribers to build your list and work on a text program to show how people can opt-in.

You can put some posts on social media, asking people to opt-in.

The opt-in is generally pretty simple.

So for example, if we put on social media or post on our Company’s website say  hey, opt-in to receive daily tips on marketing…

We could say, “Hey, text SOCIPLEX “to 39970 to opt-in.”

That’s our text messaging program.

Or if you’re an eCommerce store, opt-in to get a 10% coupon right now, that can be really effective.

Put that on social media, put that on your website, send it in emails.

If you have a retail store, put a sign by your Cash Register, so people could see it there, put it everywhere you can, where you think your customers would see that, and they could  opt-in then

This will allow you to build your opt-in subscription list, and once you have that, you can start to take advantage of it.

4. Power Tip Call-To-Action To Build Your Subscriptions

A power tip on a call to action for an eCommerce store that works really well, to build your subscriptions.

And that power tip is to put a call to action or a banner on your website, which you can also put on your cart page, which is to text something to 39970, whatever your opt-in message is, to receive VIP deals, and a jaw dropping discount right now.

Something like that, right? You could also have one that’s an instant coupon, hey, opt-in to our text message program to get an instant coupon right now, 10% off at checkout, plus additional jaw dropping deals in the future.

That’s something that people look and are like, “Oh, wow, I can get an instant coupon right now, so I want to get this before I check out.

It’s a win win, that probably motivates them to go ahead and check out and not abandon the cart, but it also puts them into a list, right, that you can take advantage of in the future.

And they also get a coupon so everybody’s happy here.

So when somebody opts-in for an instant coupon, you set up an automated message that instantly sends them a 10% off coupon.

So that they can check out, but now they’re in your list, so now maybe once a month, you can send them a great deal, at the end of the month, let’s say to clear inventory or to reach your sales goals, the bigger the list, the more sales you can get.

So that’s a good tactic to get people into the list.

5. Ask For Your Subscriber’s Birthday

With most text messaging software, you can capture their birthday if they text back their birth date, and you can store that automatically in the database.

Sociplex has this amazing feature, so check that out, but if they text back with their birthday, you can send an automated message out.





Every year that goes out on their specific birthday, that says, “Hey, happy birthday, “we really appreciate your business, “hoping you’re having a great day, “here’s a coupon, here’s a gift card for your birthday,” right, that’d be pretty cool, and that would help keep you top of mind so that they keep bringing sales back to you.

6. Build Campaigns For The Key Holiday Each Month

Build your campaigns in advance in your text message program for the key holidays for each month. You can send text messages on a specific holiday, scheduled on that date, to send to your entire list.Or you can send it a few days in advance if you want, where they can buy ahead of the holiday.

7. Run Campaigns For Excess Inventory

To think about doing campaigns for excess inventory. It is a great way to drive additional sales into your business, but also clear out that excess inventory.

And any amount of revenue is better than none at all.





Deep discount promotions to your SMS list as a VIP deal, to say something like “Hey, VIP special, “we have some excess inventory here.

“This is 60% off, “click here to see our category of excess inventory products “and check out first come first serve.”

8. Ask For Reviews And Referrals By Text Message

To use the SMS platform to ask for reviews and referrals.




So reviews are a no brainer, when someone purchases something, you can send them a text on a one off basis to ask for a review, but then you can also say, “Hey, and you should opt-in “to receive these VIP deals in the future,” really powerful.

Another great way to do it is send a message to your list asking them for referrals.

That’s a great way to get your existing customer base to grow by telling their friends about you.

9. Keep Text Messages Short And Sweet

To keep your text messages short and sweet.

Make sure that it’s like ad copy, that’s trying to entice your customer base to take some kind of action.

And so link them to a product page that’s relevant or a category page that’s relevant, link them to a coupon page or whatever it is, but keep the message nice and short.

So that’s it, hopefully, these nine tips will help you level up your eCommerce store, and leverage text message marketing to really blow up.

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