Lyca Smith Success Story

With Sociplex, Lyca Smith is a brand developing company, and online marketing consultant who has clients all over the world.

Lyca Smith is a full time brand developer, and marketing consultant helping businesses, and entrepreneur’s to build brands that last. It has now become a community platform for building online business and making money online with more than 170,000 active members worldwide. Over the last several years I have helped hundreds of people just like you, to gain more online exposure which in turn creates more awareness, leads, and sales.

Competitive Analysis

Tracking Competitors’ with Custom Indices

Lyca Smith’s main marketing strategy revolves around two important practices: constantly monitoring competitors and creating reactive marketing strategies. To execute these, Lyca Smith used Sociplex’s suite of products like CRM, Emailer, Influencer Marketing, SMS Marketing to build indices of its competitors’ sites and to conduct in-depth competitive analysis.


Starting with a bird’s eye view, Lyca Smith first identifies the top leaders & competitors using Sociplex’s Industry Analysis module.  This includes the Influencer Strategy & Activation Module & Network Development services. Sorting the list of leaders by their change in traffic over the last two months, revealed the most recent  active  players.  

Sections Used

  1. Sociplex Tools  > CRM, Emailer, Influence Marketing, SMS Marketing

Marketing Strategies

Competitive Analysis-Driven Marketing Strategies

Lyca Smith updates its competitors’ indices using Sociplex’s Influencer Strategy & Activation Module & Network Development services every month, allowing the company to track traffic changes on an ongoing basis.

This strategy ensures the marketing team can quickly react to these changes based on in-depth analysis of the most active competitors.

  1. SEO – checking the change in traffic for top referring keywords. 
  2. Media Buying – researching if the competitor began working with a new ad network or new publisher sites.
  3. Affiliate Marketing – investigating referring sites to see if new affiliates started working with the competitor, or if one of the existing affiliates began sending more traffic.
  4. Social Marketing – monitoring the growth in traffic for specific social networks


Armed with Sociplex, Lyca Smith’s marketing team is able to:

Target the best performing keywords either by increasing PPC spend or investing more in SEO.

Find high quality publisher sites to add to their GDN campaigns or find new relevant ad networks.

Identify new high quality affiliates and negotiate deals with them based on actual traffic potential for each.

Optimize their social marketing campaigns by targeting the right networks and creating the best performing pages based on competitors’ social activity.

By building a website rank index that is based on Sociplex tools data, we’ve managed to reach an accuracy level of 95%, whereas other tools provided accuracy of only up to 80%.

This has been consistent for every month since we first started using Sociplex tools back in December 2019.