To reveal the competitive landscape for road rallies around the country, specifically for the purpose of growing Revo Rally's driver and sponsor base. is a trusted driver community for sports car enthusiasts who love to attend unique Exotic Car Rally events with other sports car enthusiasts around the country.

The goal is to create a unique series of fun car vacation events for exotic and luxury car owners throughout the year while bringing people of all social and professional backgrounds together.

Sports car owners enjoy a unique driving experience along exclusive routes hand curated by Rally drivers with hundreds of thousands of miles of driving experience.

A big part of Revo Rally’s growth strategy includes expanding into new markets & locations while building their driver and sponsor list along the way

Identifying Key Competitors

The Challenge

Upon entering, one major challenge for Revo Rally was to understand exactly what other Rally companies were doing to generate new drivers. Using the Sociplex suite of products, the company set out to identify the national and local Rally company leaders, as well as emerging players, all of which seemed to be engaged in aggressively building their driver and sponsor base.

The Success

Starting with a bird’s eye view, Revo-Rally first identified the top leaders in the Exotic Car rally industry, using Sociplex’s Industry Analysis module.  This includes the Influencer StrategyActivation Module & Network Development services. Sorting the list of Rally company leaders by their change in social media traffic over the last two months have revealed the most recent active players.  Within a few days, Revo Rally was able to access the complete competitive landscape of the Exotic Car Rally industry & it’s community.

Identifying Growth Opportunities In Building Their Driver And Sponsor Base

The Challenge

After identifying the top and most active local Rally companies & the market, the next stage for Revo Rally was to attract new drivers and sponsors while bringing in like minded enthusiasts who might be interested participating in our national Revo Rally driving events. In order to do that, Revo Rally used our Sociplex Email & SMS Marketing tools.

These analyses supported three central goals:

  1. Creating Revo Rally brand awareness 
  2. Building effective business strategies for growing the driver and sponsor base
  3. Prioritizing traffic sources from various media sources

The Success

Sociplex data revealed that the top Rally competitors focused mainly on: 

  • Advertising with online media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram
  • Running social media referral campaigns for generating Rally interest
  • Building partnerships with strong automotive partner sites and brick and mortar stores
  • Engaging in Rally based social network marketing activities on all popular platforms 

Based on these findings, Revo Rally decided to allocate most of it’s resources to Youtube and social media campaigns along with strategic brand partnerships, utilizing Sociplex products like CRM & Ticketing systems.